• Xian xin Yao ceramic composite materials co., LTD., founded in2011Years3Month21Day,The registered capital4579Ten thousand yuan。In advancing the li-tong zhang won the first prize in national technology invention project hosted by academician“Resistance to high temperature and long life oxidation ceramic matrix composites and its application technology”The industrialization,Currently the only company in China for the purpose of industrialization of ceramic matrix composites of high and new technology enterprise。Company headquarters is located in xi 'an high-tech industrial development zone,Research and development production base is located in xi 'an yanliang national aviation industrial base,Covers an area of55m,The construction area2Million square meters,The existing various types of processing、Testing of all kinds of equipment70余台,Value5000More than ten thousand yuan。Company existing staff140More than one,Hi-tech talents40People。
  • 2011Years03Month,Xi 'an xin Yao ceramic composite materials co., LTD. Was set up

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Knowledge of ceramic matrix composites
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      Material properties is introduced

       Material properties is introduced  Ceramic matrix composites is a combined metal material、Ceramic materials and carbon materials performance advantages of thermal structure/Functional integration of new materials,To overcome...