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Business model:Production
Area:Dongguan city in guangdong province
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The ground The address:Dongguan changan town road
   Sha salty west industrial zone20Number
The core is recommended Core recommendation
Effective energy saving Strive for perfection
Changfeng do you more satisfactory simulation environment test equipment
High precision
Form a complete set of spare parts and assembly good match,Components adopt imported
A,Improve the safety and reliability of the products,To ensure the user for a long time、The use of high frequency requirements。
Superior craft
The test system structure of advanced design reasonable,Manufacturing process specification,Appearance is beautiful、Generous。
Good performance
Product main function components adopt brand configuration(High gold content)、Advanced and reliable technology principle、
Noise and energy saving to get better control。
Safe and reliable
The product has good operability、Maintainability、Good temperature stability and durability、Good security
Performance、Do not pollute the environment and harm the health。
Environmental testing equipmentResearch and development-Production-Sales system service manufacturers
Provide solution for test equipment industry
For many years focused on simulation environment test equipment, production and research and development
Select the changfeng instrument4The big advantage
Strong,Simulation environment test equipment brand
For many years focused on environmental test equipment product customization
The company has a modern management,Design,Production and sales as one of the team
Long-term cooperation with famous enterprises,Products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions in the world
Quality guarantee,Through a third party certification
Product quality is stable,No secondary use
Meet the industry environmental testing requirements and test methods
According to the strict inspection standard for production,To ensure the quality of products
It can customize according to need,Create products suitable for you
Design、Production and sales service,Can be customized according to customer's requirements
The variety is complete,Various styles to meet the requirements of different customers
Perfect one-stop professional after-sales service
One year warranty,Lifelong maintenance
24Hours online customer service consultation,A quick response,Provide good services for you
To solve various problems for you,Until you rest assured、At ease use sinopac instrument
Focused on environmental simulation test equipment industry,Several large manufacturers cooperation experience,Perfect service
Thank them for many years the cooperation and support
For their years of cooperation and support
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About changfeng
About changfeng
  Dongguan city changfeng instrument co., LTD., founded in2009Years,Is a collection of scientific research、Design and development、One of the manufacturers self-marketing and service,Is located in“Manufacturing city”Dongguan changan。Company specializing in the production of constant temperature and humidity testing machine、Hot and cold impact testing machine、Programmable temperature testing machine quickly、High and low temperature testing machine、Aging test chamber、Vibration testing machine and other environmental simulation test equipment。
  Changfeng collection software design、Machinery、Mechanics、Oil pressure、Electrons、Motor and r&d、Quality assurance、Production management、Check and other professional talents,Capture information in real time,The development of products and services……
Production ability
In the middle
How to determine whether the environmental test chamber failure?
How to determine whether the environmental test chamber failure?Such as index of test cases of low temperature to reach test……
Introduction of high and low temperature test chamber fault solution?
High and low temperature high and low temperature test chamber failure occurs,Based on the following4Point to solve:……
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber product use and model how to distinguish?
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is also called the constant temperature and humidity testing machine、Constant temperature and humidity experiment box、Programmable damp and hot is alternating test……
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Guangdong factory address:Dongguan changan town vibration on road sha salty west industrial zone20Number
Hand Machine:13423365443/13922979101
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