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Fire protection Security door manufacturer

The fire door、Custom security door manufacturer:
A、Custom sizes ; B、The material,Such as wood、Steel customization ;
C、Style door type,A single fan、Lash or double door;D、Fire rating,Armor、B、C;
E、Required functions,Often closed or electric often open the door。

Message customization

Order required parameters

Quotation consultation

Wholesale and offer advice


Service process

Fire door to buy、The installation、Service process
For better service of real estate project purchasing customers,We set up a large customer service agencies ----The engineering department,Around the real estate company,Engineering and construction,Decoration company, etc To develop customized housekeeper type service exclusive according to the customer demand as it goes,Ranging from project start to install all use of the service process,Let the customer on the door of choose and buy products more easily,More worry,More value。Star high fire door manufacturer, which is based on standard service system,Warm care,An exact specification,Ensure that the entire process of project operation smooth communication efficient,Cooperate with accurate,The foundation for the successful completion of the project on time。

Negotiation stage

When engineering project,Our project manager、Company's technical service personnel began to contact customers in the early period of the project department,Understanding customer all the information,In fully understanding the customer design requirements(Function、Performance, etc)Under the premise of,Well selection design appearance、Process structure design、Form a complete set of hardware, etc。


Manufacturing stage

When after the contract signing,According to the customer's project construction schedule and play time,We each related department jointly do process review,Special material preparation,Relevant tooling\/fixture manufacture,The production plan scheduling, etc,Security in place to ensure that all software and hardware resources。


In phase

When the product production before entry,Our project manager, in conjunction with the head of the construction site、Civil engineering units、Supervision unit、Other associated with door installation subcontractors and other installation plan scheduling、In the time coordinate docking、Production logistics progress tracking for verification,Ensure that the product installation smoothly as planned。


Installation phase

When the product installation construction stage,The installation team strictly follow our construction plan and site operation standard,To ensure that the deposit from the product loading and unloading、The finished product protection、Site safety、Installation quality and so on each link does not make any mistakes,Always will specification standardization management throughout the project,To complete the task in time。


After phase

When the products use after-sale warranty service,Our customer service center has to accept the owner or property personnel feedback and advice,Help solve the problem of the owner feedback in a timely manner。Head office and the overseas subsidiary company of professional after-sales service personnel service team together each project,Provide secure services。



Enterprise characteristics

1. Research and development cooperation

Company and Beijing university of science and technology, and GermanySEWGroup formation、To learn、Research strategic cooperative partnership,The building industry production base,Now has guard against theft、Industrial doors、Special door production line、With the matching processing equipment and detection means。

2. Product variety

Adhering to the"Quality as the Pope"The product concept,At present main products for2Big series、100More style、320Kinds of specifications products,Annual production capacity is achieved50Has grown two millimeters more,Independent research and development and of patents10The remainder term。

3. Propaganda advantage

The company to create kinds of brand,In TV media advertising support,Local media、The network media、Different perspectives of outdoor advertising,Inform the user high star brand credibility,Let users from attention to cognition、Used to choose and buy。

4. Team management

Company attaches great importance to the enterprise information construction,UseOACollaborative work system and independent developmentERPInformation management system platform,Provided strong impetus for enterprise modernization。Companies pay attention to employees' ability and quality improvement,Using a combination of internal training and external training,Pay attention to knowledge learning and the combination of physical training。

5. Market network

Fire door manufacturer star high door industry service coverage more than large and medium-sized cities in China,Products have been exported in Nepal、Vietnam、Dozens of countries and regions such as Singapore。At present"The star is high"The door not only set up throughout the country13And an office700Many dealers,Also owns24Home and flagship store316Home star high door industry stores,Achieve sales branch1000A。

6. “Three hearts”Service

To the user as the center、Let users at ease and user satisfaction"的"Three hearts"Engineering,Adhere to the principle of win-win cooperation,For star high door industry provide complete pre-sale franchisees、Sale and after-sales service,Advertising promotional support in many aspects。


About us

High star industrial co., LTD of henan province



  High star industrial co., LTD of henan province(简称The star is high门业)Was established1989Years,Luoyang is located in the world cultural heritage longmen grottoes east15Km of the marina industrial park, pang village industrial clusters。Pang village, steel furniture industry1982Year started,Has formed a special advantage,Achieved remarkable economic benefits,To become“Steel furniture industry base in China”And“China top industry cluster”。   Star high door industry is a set research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、Service entity enterprise,Is pang village steel office furniture association member units,Is the province of henan province earlier by the national standard of the new heat insulation fire doors factory......

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